We've all been there: It's the weekend, friends or family are coming to town - and you're frantically trying to figure out what to show them. For those keen
to venture past touristy mediocrity, the SCHRITTMACHER (Pacemaker) Mini Guides offer new perspectives on cities around the world. First off the press, is a guide to Germany's pulsating capital Berlin.

The idea: Instead of schlepping around town with a heavy tome, the SCHRITT-
MACHER themed cards fit neatly into any wallet while still supplying all the necessary info. The result: A box containing 42 tours in and around Berlin
that promise to whisk you away to a different world - at low cost and (almost always) year-round. Just draw a card from the pack and an ordinary day will turn into an adventure.

Whether you feel like indulging in a bit of Berlin glamour (TOPdrawer), meditating with Buddhists (PATHfinder) or glimpsing the grind of prison life (UNDERworld) - the SCHRITTMACHER Guide will enable you to experience the city in a new light. Who would have thought that doll's houses reflect Baroque architecture, or a park in a working class neighborhood radiates
the aura of Paris elegance? These are just two of the surprises that Berlin holds for users of our Guide.












The selected tours and sights represent the lively spectrum of the capital.
The SCHRITTMACHER Guide gives you the low-down on places only Berliners know about, such as an overgrown garden restaurant or a pub
where football games are accompanied by the beer-induced remarks of
self-appointed commentators. At the same time, the Guide also highlights unknown aspects of classics, such as the fact that the Kaiser-Wilhelm- Gedächtnis-Kirche, jutting up like a blackened tooth in the middle of Kurfürstendamm, is more than a Kudamm backdrop: The church offers
daily meditation sessions - an ideal RESTstop and island of calm in the middle of the neighborhood's shopping frenzy.

Andrea Bierle and Carsten Kraemer have reinvented the city guide genre
with their concise descriptions, precise information and cutting-edge design.
The SCHRITTMACHER Mini Guides, with their handy business-card format, won a German Staatspreis for Design in 2006.